I am open to helping charities and non profits, There are several that are near and dear to my heart. Because I understand face painting isn't always in the budget but is always wanted I've come up with charity options so that all parties are compensated and happy!

1) 20/80% Split

If you are having a huge event (7,000 people or more) I'm open to charging directly to the customer and providing you a 20% donation in turn you would provide me a receipt of my donation.

2) Sponsorship

If you would like to provide free face painting to your guests you can ask a sponsor to pay my event fee. Ask someone to sponsor me at your event, in turn they can advertise their business with a banner or make an announcement. "Thank you ____for sponsoring face painting for our event." It's a great way for them to promote themselves and its a tax write off since it's considered a donation.

3) Pay Directly

You can pay my event rate of $100 - $150 an hour with a 2 hours minimum then put out a donation box at the face painting table to try and recoup your cost.

4) Pay Supplies

A few times a year I'm open to donating my time to a charity, if my supplies are paid for I retain all products after the event.


I'm so sorry but I can not paint for free. My products are very expensive and I dedicate a lot of time and money to educating myself to become an excellent artist. I work full time as a face painter; In order to pay for my products, classes, and daily living expenses I can only take paying events. Please refer to the above options for alternative ideas.